Scorpion (TSMB) x Fatalii – “Emery”


The Emery pepper is unique hybrid created by Hottoddy Pepper Co., combining the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Blend and Fatalii. This pepper takes on a bit more of the Scorpion’s characteristics compared to the Ella.



TSMB x Fatalii - Emery
TSMB x Fatalii – Emery

The Emery pepper is a unique hybrid created by Hottoddy Pepper Co. Using a TSMB (Trinidad Scorpioin Moruga Blend) as the mother, and a Fatalii as the father, this hybrid takes on the best attributes of both peppers. Some of the peppers have little tails, and others are twisted in a gnarly shape. Enjoy the heat of a scorpion, tempered by the flavor of the Fatalii. The Emery is the reverse parenting of the Ella, and is a bit hotter. This pepper is currently F2 generation.