The Reaper (Primo)


The Reaper (C. chinense) is known for extreme heat (1.5+ million Scoville Heat Units) but also flavor. Very popular because of its recent notoriety. More information in description below.



Reaper Primo
Reaper Primo

The Reaper, or Primo?, (C. chinense) has been receiving a lot of “record breaking” attention lately. With an evil tail and red wrinkly flesh, you know this pepper packs a ton of heat – reportedly in the 1.5+ million SHU range. Despite the “record breaking” heat, the Reaper also gets highly favorable reviews for it’s fruity, smokey flavor. Another favorite for super hot powder and sauces! Great fun to grow – if you dare.

Note: there is an ongoing debate that all “Reapers” are¬†merely renamed Primos. These two peppers¬†have always appeared very similar in heat and flavor to us. Accordingly, we have decided to attach both names to this pepper for the time being. Regardless of name, the Reaper/Primo is a tasty scorcher.


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