Scorpion Fatalii – “Emery”


The Scorpion Fatalii “Emery” pepper is unique hybrid created by Hottoddy Pepper Co., combining the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Blend and Fatalii. Very hot and great for sauce and drying. A definite favorite!



Scorpion Fatalli - Emery
Scorpion “Emery” Fatalli Red

The Scorpion Fatalli “Emery” pepper is a unique hybrid created by Hottoddy Pepper Co. Using a TSMB (Trinidad Scorpioin Moruga Blend) as the mother, and a Fatalii as the father, this hybrid takes on the best attributes of both peppers – and they look as hot as they taste. Enjoy the heat of a scorpion, tempered by the flavor of the Fatalii. Year after year, this is one of our most prolific producers and has great shape and color. The Emery is the reverse parenting of the Ella, and is the hotter of the two. This pepper is currently beyond F8 generation and should be stable.